What purpose does salt serve in baking recipes

Posted by idman on Saturday, August 2, 2014

I see salt required in most baking recipes. Being that i'm following a low sodium diet - a few times I've left the salt out all together and everything seemed to come out perfect. So i'm curious what role does salt play in baking recipes? Is it just for taste - i mean how much taste could 1 teaspoon of salt add to a recipe? Or is there perhaps some other function? dhanyawad 
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Should you go ask for her number?

Posted by idman

OK guys, so a girl who used to like me back in middle school and she now works at a restaurant that my dad owns. Now my uncle works there to and told me she asked about me, this was about a month ago. So today I had to get something from my uncle so I went to the restaurant and she's the first person I see and she immediately says hey and gives me. A nice big hug. So we catch up for a bit and I used to work at the same restaurant and she's like yeah u should come back and work again it'd be so much fun. 

Then she mentioned how she was "in love" with me 7th grade and how she had a huge crush on me. Then I was like "yeah damn I remember that I blew my chance ha-ha". Then she was like yeah, LOL. So I kinda see that as her saying yea I blew my chance and she's not interested now. (Were both 19 BTW). But she might have just been agreeing and laughing at the joke. Then when I had to go she seamed bummed and was wanting me to come back later.
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Tema Status Ramadhan 1435 H / 2014 M

Posted by idman on Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pernah dengar sebagaimana kata orang-orang yang mengucapkannya, kurang lebih bahwa jika sedang menunaikan ibadah haji maka aseli orang itu akan kelihatan. 
Jika yang biasanya malas sholat maka disana qodarullah juga jadi ada aja halangan, jadi sakitlah atau apalah. Jika sama orang (tetangga) kejam juga qodarullah disana ada gangguan dari orang. Wallohu a'lam
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